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Alexei Solitaires Collection for Pocket PC 174k Download Website Details
Alexei Solitaires Collection for Pocket PC and Windows CE is a high-quality collection of more than 190 Solitaire games with excellent interface and a perfect graphics and animation. The collection contains as favorite solitaire games, such as Freecell, Klondike, Canfield and other, and there are a lot of original solitaires, which do not meet in other programs. ...Click details for more information.

BFM Casino - Complete Casino Game Package Website Details
This game package includes 10 popular casino games for the Windows CE H/PC platform. The games are Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, Keno, CaribbeanPoker, DrawAndRidePoker, LetItRidePoker, VideoPoker, Roulette, and SlotMachine. This is an EXE file that will install onto SH3 and MIPS H/PC's. Full support for sounds and great graphics. Full install program to transfer to your H/PC automatically. Full support for WinCE 1.0 and 2.0 devices. All ten games together take around 500k on the H/PC, even less if not all...Click details for more information.

Black Jack Pro Website Details
<img src=http://www.g3studios.com/assets/images/BJPro_Thumb100.gif ALIGN=LEFT>With its fully animated gameplay, voice overs and realistic Casino-style play, <b>Black Jack Pro</b> is the tutor and trainer you have always been waiting for! <br> Complete with an extensive manual that explains the Black Jack basics and strategies, it also teaches anyone to count cards and beat the house, <b>Black Jack Pro</b> is the perfect companion for anyone who is serious about hitting the tables! <br> A free playable d...Click details for more information.

CatchMe Website Details
CatchMe is a Card-Shuffle Game to keep Handheld PC users busy in their idle time. It is a GUI based application on Windows CE 2.0 environment....Click details for more information.

Corner Card Website Details
Corner Card is 1-deck Solitaire game, also known as Four Seasons and Vanishing Cross. Corner Card is hard to beat and require mostly luck, but some skills are very helpfull....Click details for more information.

Cosmo's three card Website Details
This Three Card Monty game will be hard to put down. Incase you have never heard of Three Card Monty here’s HOW TO PLAY. Place your bet then by tapping one or more of the + number buttons. When your done betting tap the mix them up button at the bottom. Then my Monty dealer will start moving the Queen around watch carefully he’s tricky. When the cards stop tap the h...Click details for more information.

CuE Website Details
This application allows you to test your skill in the French Billiards. The rules of this Billiards game are quite simple: on the billiard-table are randomly located three balls, one black and two white. With the billiard-cue you must strike one of the white balls in such a way that this selected ball hit both the other white ball and the black one....Click details for more information.

Dicebag Website Details
RPG and wargame dice roller, supports the most common polyhedric dice and some combinations. Sourcecode is included and it's easy to customize the applet if you require a different set of dice....Click details for more information.

Fortitude Website Details
Fortitude is a new game we've invented. It's a little like Freecell and a little like Patience, and it's becoming a new favorite!...Click details for more information.

Four Corners Website Details
Four Corners is a standard one-deck solitaire game also known as "Four Seasons", "Corner Card" or "Vanishing Cross". It runs on the Palm-size PC, H/PC and the new H/PC Professional Windows CE Platforms...Click details for more information.

House of Cards Website Details
Shareware ($5 if you decide to keep it). House Of Cards from Ontoral Software (ontoral@ix.netcom.com). This is the first commercial product written in NS Basic. This distribution is a self-extracting executable that will install the software on your Windows CE device from the desktop....Click details for more information.

Little Lotto Picker Website Details
Lotto number generator...Click details for more information.

LottoPick 99 Website Details
Lottery number picker, compatible with lotteries around the world (requires PocketC runtime). Graham Taylor's homepage is http://grahamtaylor.cjb.net...Click details for more information.

LottoPick 99 Second Edition for SH3 Website Details
The world's premier lottery number selection program returns, now with added install & uninstall support, a new, improved user interface, odds calculation and compatibility with WinCE 2.0....Click details for more information.

Marble Solitaire Website Details
Play the oldfashioned Solitaire on you PalmPC....Click details for more information.

MecJack Website Details
Play an eyes-on-the-road Black Jack game through the voice control and voice feedback. If you are not driving, or if your passenger wants to play, the Auto PC faceplate keys may also be used to control the game. To add challenge to the game the dealer will not tell your total - unless you ask for it....Click details for more information.

Mille Bornes Website Details
Mille Bornes (also known as "Thousand Miles", "Thousand Stones", or "Mile Stones") is an addictive card game in which you compete in a road race against your Windows machine. You can make your opponent stop to refuel, blow out a tire, or even get into an accident! Should you stop your opponent, or make a mad dash to the finish line? Whoever gets 5000 points first will win the race....Click details for more information.

PalmBlackJack Website Details
Black Jack in your Palm. Mail questions to miked@southwind.net...Click details for more information.

PalmVideoPoker Website Details
Video Poker. Send bugs/questions to miked@southwind.net...Click details for more information.

Pocket Bornes Website Details
Pocket Bornes is based on a French car racing card game. While you race to the finish line, try to slow your opponent down and overcome your opponent's efforts to slow you down. <p> <b>Features </b> <p> <li>One or two players <li>Context sensitive help <li> Undo <li>Options/Scores persisted, even on reset <li> Simple, streamlined UI with single tap play <p> <b>Rules</b><p> On your turn you are dealt a card. You must then either play a card or discard one. Tap a ...Click details for more information.

Pocket Casino House Website Details
<b>Features : </b> <p>- Including Casino Games : BlackJack, 7-Poker, 5-Poker, Slotmachine. <p>- 65536 High Colors. <p>- Jazzy sound. <p> If you purchase this game, you'll have not need to go to casino house, and you'll not have to worry about your money. This game is all you want to game in casino house. * If you want to know how to play game, visit our home page( http://www.soft-ik.com ) ...Click details for more information.

Pocket Strippoker 5545k Download Website Details
Use your Poker Digital Assitant for what it's really ment for: Nine sexy girls call you to an exciting game of STRIPPOKER. Play smart and with a bit of luck, and you will be able to watch these beauties undressing piece by piece! Exciting gameplay and extremely realistic high quality images in the most sexy Pocket PC game! Features: - exciting and addictive gameplay - high quality pictures optimized for each PocketPC screen - funny and witty comments by the girls - clear helpscreen with game instr...Click details for more information.

Poker Jam 807k Download Website Details
Poker Jam is a new game, simulating a video poker machine. There are several (up to seven) versions of poker in one game, and also bonus games which allow you to multiply your stake several times. You don't need to go to Las-Vegas, because Las-Vegas will always be with you. You start with credit of 100 coins, and you can either get rich or lose. Come on and get a real jam! Now Poker Jam supports three most popular versions of video poker game. Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, and Joker ...Click details for more information.

Poker Sol Website Details
Poker Sol is a standard one-deck solitaire game known as "Poker Solitaire", "Poker Squares", and "Poker Patience". This version runs on Windows CE Palm-size PCs, H/PCs, and the new H/PC Professionals....Click details for more information.

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