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Brownstar Golf Assistant Website Details
comprehensive portable golf scorekeeper that will allow a golfer to keep the following statistics on a cumulative basis: Handicap (using the USGA formula)<br> Skins Statistics <br> Green in Regulation <br> Fairways in Regulation <br> Drive Distance <br> Number of Putts <br> Hole Scores <br> Round times <br> Handicap Differentials <br> Comprehensive leaders by grouped by course and hole <br> and more.. ...Click details for more information.

Fade Website Details
(the highly anticipated Adventure game for PPC)...Click details for more information.

Golfer Website Details
Golfer is an emulated scoreboard for golf lovers having access to handheld devices. It enables them to keep track of different information about their golf game including championship details, player’s information etc. ...Click details for more information.

iGolf 3607k Download Website Details
<table> <tr> <td vAlign="top" align="left" colSpan="2" height="35"> <table cellSpacing="0" cellPadding="0" width="100%" border="0"> <tbody> <tr> <td colSpan="3"><font class="unnamed2" face="&#46027;&#50880;&#52404;,Arial Narrow" size="2">CECRAFT is the company who provided PalmGolf 1.0,which is one of best game in Windows CE 2.0 era. We proudly release iGolf with 2-years scrupulous plan, to give you the best pleasur...Click details for more information.

Kyle's Quest Website Details
Role play adventure game for CE.Explore the land from a top view map in a rich graphical environment. Movement can be either from the keys or the stylus. The map tiles are completely customizable, so every level will be a totally new experience....Click details for more information.

NBAInPocket Website Details
NBAInPocket is an application that enables basketball coaches to record and maintain team and player statistics and schedule games and practice sessions. Likewise, any basketball lover can also record the statistics of his favorite teams/players and later analyze them ....Click details for more information.

P.T. Golf Website Details
P.T. Golf sports an easy to use scorecard for your palm-size computer and powerful analysis tools for your desktop or laptop computer. . The easy-to-use palmtop software will keep your scores while you play and it won't slow down your game either. When you're finished playing, simply upload the scores to your desktop computer and your ready to analyze your game....Click details for more information.

PalmGolf Website Details
Now you can play golf anywhere! Download a two hole demo version of PalmGolf here. Other products include: Palm Golf for B&W PPC, Palm Golf for color PPC Palm Golf for B&W HPC, Palm Golf for color HPC, ZioGolf for HPC Pro The major difference between Palm Golf and ZioGolf is that ZioGolf includes the open file system to download and buy other golf courses on-line to enjoy many other golf courses. Download PalmGolf from www.ziosoft.com in april....Click details for more information.

Poccer Trial Website Details
Poccer(TM) Pocket Soccer is a simple, fun soccer game to play on your PocketPC. Kick the ball against your computer opponent and try to score before it does! The game adapts by speeding or slowing the computer opponent depending on the score. A limited-play trial version can be downloaded and played for free using the link below. Poccer will run on all popular color PocketPC models with Strong Arm, Mips, and SH3 processors....Click details for more information.

PocketIndy Website Details
PocketIndy is the first 3D racing game for the Palmtop PC...Click details for more information.

Power Grip 1.1 Website Details
Power Grip is the world's one bowling game for pocket-PC and palm size PC. Power Grip consists of three kinds of throw motions; man classic motion, woman classic motion, and power motion. Also Easy-to -play controls, a sophisticated power and spin gauge, and stunningly beautiful graphics will spark your mind with excitement. ...Click details for more information.

ScoreWise Website Details
ScoreWise™ is the premiere golf score card application for Window CE™ ScoreWise automates traditional paper and pencil scoring, collects statistics, and simultaneously tracks side games. ScoreWise's strength lies in the screen layout and data entry method. The screen looks like a traditional score card. Data entry is streamlined and does not require the use of the stylus to enter scores. ScoreWise gives you the power of knowing your game's strong and weak points, the convenience of automatically tracking si...Click details for more information.

Shadowgate Classic Website Details
Shadowgate Classic for Windows CE Pocket PC brings you unique point and tap graphic adventure gaming. No other Pocket PC game immerses you into a more compelling world of fantasy. Armed only with your stylus,youll explore the world of Castle Shadowgate. Fantastic beasts,devious puzzles,and heroic challenges await you! · Fully Illustrated Graphic Fantasy Adventure · Latest in Awarding Winning Game Series · Unique Point & Tap Adventure - Play with your stylus! · Full Color Support and audio effects F...Click details for more information.

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