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DoomCE Website Details
This is the source code for the WindowsCE version of Doom. It also includes the source for a program to split the Doom1.wad file (the only one DoomCE was tested with due to space considerations) into five pieces for loading on the CE machine....Click details for more information.

FrotzCE 1.2a Website Details
An interpreter for Infocom games for the Windows CE Operating System....Click details for more information.

Gameboy emulator (free) Website Details
The first FREE gameboy (tm) emulator. Works just like palm gb....Click details for more information.

Gamemaster's Notepad Website Details
RPG Utility to manage calendars, holidays, weather, and other details....Click details for more information.

KeyPad Website Details
KeyPad for WindowsCE gameboy emulators, is a utility for Palm-size PC user to enjoy GB Emulators, such as PalmGB or VGB CE Palm-size PC only...Click details for more information.

PalmGB Website Details
GameBoy Emulator for WindowsCE...Click details for more information.

TableSmith Website Details
RPG table creation and generation tility...Click details for more information.

VGBce / GameGirl Website Details
VGB emulates a Nintendo™ GameBoy, allowing games written for that device to run on a handheld PC running Windows CE.  Since HPCs don't have slots for GameBoy cartridges, binary images of these cartridges are used instead.  Instructions for transferring the contents of a GameBoy cartridge to a computer and making a binary image are available on the Internet.  Alternately you can find the image files (usually with .gb suffix) elsewhere.  Using VGBce is completely legal but using or having an image of a GameBo...Click details for more information.

ZipCE Website Details
ZipCE is an infocom type game interpreter that will play all the text adventure games released by Infocom. It is based on the Zip interpreter by Mark Howell. Selectable proportional font for text window (for readability) Full color support V1-V5 and V8 games supported...Click details for more information.

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