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AstroHTML Website Details
SanSoft is proud to announce the availability of AstroHTML, an astronomy reference in HTML format especially designed for HandHeld PCs running Windows CE and Pocket Internet Explorer. Taking up a little over 320KB of space, AstroHTML packs a tremendous amount of astronomical data into an electronic reference you can take anywhere. ...Click details for more information.

Biorythm Website Details
This is a simple biorythm program for Windows CE SH3 ...Click details for more information.

BYOBingo Website Details
BYOBingo™ stands for Build Your Own Bingo. Instead of numbers, the bingo board has words or phrases. During a meeting, when someone says one of these words or phrases, you check off the corresponding square on the board. When you get five squares across, down or diagonally, you stand up and yell "Bingo!" or something else....Click details for more information.

FishingFishing-HP Jornada Website Details
A fishing journey with adorable characters, Gomi, Catti, and Piyo. <p> You can meet unique fish all over the world with your favorite pet. <p> More fish your catch, longer game you can enjoy. <p> Be careful though. Poisonous fish may make you blind or bother your fishing. <p> Easy handling and various stages. <p> Vivid animation and humorous sound, and music. <p> With amiable and adorable characters, <p> Meet the third game of FLUX, "Fishing,Fishing",now!! <p> ...Click details for more information.

LEDhead Website Details
LEDhead is a program that simulates the classic electronic LED (light emitting diode) based handheld games of the 70's. Now you can relive the excitement of your childhood years all over again! All games feature fully authentic sound-effects, and faithfully (or at least I hope) replicate the game play of the originals....Click details for more information.

McMate Website Details
Have you ever been bored driving your car? Even if you have the best car, traffic jams and long drives can be pretty tiresome. In that situation wouldn't you like to hear some funny story or some interesting facts, or even play a trivia quiz game? As you are driving you would of course like to listen to the stories/questions and control/answer through voice control, keeping your eyes on the road. <p> McMate will do this and more for you, i.e. entertain and educate you while you are driving. McMate's ...Click details for more information.

Memory Madness 1.0 Website Details
Match two of the same images to remove a square. Remove all the Squares and win the game! After winning you are shown a slide show of all the images in the deck. This game is great everyone, young and old!...Click details for more information.

PalmPal Website Details
Virtual Pet Program for PPC in Beta Version. The PocketC runtime library is required to run this application....Click details for more information.

PalmPal Website Details
Virtual Pet software for your Windows CE device. ...Click details for more information.

Pocket Paino Website Details
More of a "proof of concept" than a finished program, and definitely one for those with more free memory than sense.Why not try it anyway? It's free! Please note there is no support for it: if you download it, you're on your own....Click details for more information.

Purity Test Website Details
Find out if you are a geek or a freak! Includes five (5) important tests: Are you an electrical engineering nerd? Are you Mr. Bean? Are you Weird? Are you a Hacker? Are you a Sleeze?...Click details for more information.

RailRoad Hero Website Details
Funny game for PPC...Click details for more information.

SiteSwapper Website Details
Siteswapper is a program for generating and viewing juggling patterns that can be described with the siteswap notation. By specifying the number of balls, the maximum height of a throw, and the maximum length of the siteswap number sequence, the program can calculate all matching siteswaps. The generated siteswaps can also be animated....Click details for more information.

Typer Website Details
Typing as a sport! Includes more than 2,000 English words. Takes only one minute to play a game. For HP 95/100/200LX...Click details for more information.

Voodoo Doll Website Details
Simple freeware app to relieve stress. Enter the name of someone you do not like then prick the doll with your stylus. ...Click details for more information.

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