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HPC.net for PocketPC : Download Software : File Management : IA Zip

Application Name:

IA Zip



IA Style



List Price:


Trial Version Duration:

15 days, but viewer is free

OS Version:

Pocket PC 2000 or 2002

Processors Supported:

StrongARM, MIPS, and SH3


IA Zip is a powerful compression tool for Pocket PCs that is fully compatible with popular Windows Zip compression tools (such as WinZip®). IA Zip has a simple, Pocket PC-compliant user interface and an extensive array of compressing, decompressing, viewing, extracting, and file management features. By compressing files in a Pocket PC, IA Zip frees up significant storage space for additional applications and data files. One of IA Zip's unique features is that opening and viewing Zip files is completely free. This lets users send zip files to colleagues and friends, and as long as the receiver has a free version of IA Zip, they can download and view the zipped file. Other features include: * Add single or multiple files into a zip file; folder structure can be maintained as desired. * Add & Remove options allow users to add files to an archive and remove them in one single operation. * Supports user-selectable compression ratios so users can control the storage space consumption and decompression speed tradeoff. * View/process archived files by launching associated applications. Multiple items can be opened at the same time. * Files can be sorted and browsed according to preferred file attributes. * Optional password function can be used for increased file access protection. * Zip file annotation (comments) can be added for file management. * The Refresh command allows you to update the archived files at any time to ensure that the most recent data is displayed. * The Integrity Test command ensures that the received data can be smoothly decoded. * View the file properties of any zip file, or the properties of the file contained in it. * Send/Receive zip archives or individual files from another mobile device via Infrared port or E-mail * Multiple File Selection mode enables selection of any files concurrently, regardless of position in the file listing. * The user is allowed to control the default initial operating mode when IA Zip is invoked. * Font size can optionally be set to allow for browsing of more filenames. * Small program footprint. * Full Install/Uninstall and Online context-sensitive Help support.



Size: 1471 KBytes

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