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Productized HARPs based on Hitachi SH-3 7709A and 7729 MPUs that feature AutoPC functionality Details
The MobyTEL SH-3 7709A and 7729 (DSP) based HARP SDBs are the only HARP products available that were created from the onset to enable second and third generation products to be developed without having to begin a brand new design process. These development products are backed by derivative single board computers that can be used in manufacturing. The feature-rich MobyTEL SH-3 series HARPs feature USB, serial, parallel, keyboard, mouse, stereo speaker outputs, stereo microphone inputs, GPIO, hexidecimal display, 10/100 BaseT auto-negotiable ethernet with baud rate and duplex status lamps, 5 hardware timers, a 10-pin AutoPC connector integrated into the CPCI connector, A/D converters, over half a dozen programmable LEDs, PCMCIA (for enhanced storage and I/O devices), f-IrDA, XGA graphics, a smart card option, and multiple special connectors. Contact AsIs for details at www.asisce.com, or Tel: 408-271-9447, or visit MobyTEL at www.mobytel.com

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