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HPC.net for PocketPC : News : New mySYWARE Database Apps
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New mySYWARE Database Apps








SYWARE, Inc., a leading developer of intuitive database tools for business and personal productivity, today announced the SYWARE SixPack, a FREE package of six easy-to-use Pocket PC database applications. From counting calories to keeping track of music CDs, the applications remove the cloud of mystery that many people experience with databases and demonstrate the benefits such programs can bring to daily life. All SixPack applications were created using Visual CE®, SYWARE’s intuitive software development tool that allows personal and business users to create their own customized database solutions in minimal time. Each SYWARE SixPack application comes with its own runtime version of Visual CE , which means there’s nothing to buy and no hidden costs. These applications also serve to launch the new mySYWARE library of database applications for handheld devices. "We’re providing this package of applications to prove a point – that databases belong in the real world," explained Sy Danberg, President of SYWARE. "A database application does not have to be a highly complex program that belongs in the corporate data center. It can also be an everyday tool that people use to organize the information around them. These useful Pocket PC applications demonstrate some of the many ways that portable databases can slice and dice information to enhance daily activities and favorite pastimes." The SYWARE SixPack runs on any Pocket PC device and is designed for immediate use by anyone with minimal handheld or desktop PC experience. Applications include: o Calorie Manager, tracking daily food intake including all meals and snacks. The application computes optimal calories compared to what is actually consumed, and shows how many calories are remaining for the day. o Music Manager, managing CD collections by criteria such as musical genre, artist name, physical location, and favorites. The software helps prevent duplicate purchases by keeping track of when/where each CD was purchased, as well as the price. o Photo Manager, managing a handheld library of photos taken with a digital camera or scanned. Photos can be displayed on the handheld screen, and can also link to an audio file. o Grades Manager, allowing high school and college students to track their grades for each course, as well as homework assignments and tests. Students can view their grade point average for each semester and see trends over the school year. o Recipe Manager, organizing favorite recipes by type of dish such as appetizer or main course, or food type, such as vegetables or poultry. Recipes can be easily shared with family and friends using a standard text file import and export capability. o Checkbook Manager, helping mobile users keep track of their checking account balances, rather than performing calculations by hand. Debit card and ATM transactions can be easily recorded, as they occur, keeping account balances accurate and up-to-date. Check reconciliation is facilitated through a build-in multi-sort capability. mySYWARE Database Library The SYWARE SixPack applications represent the first entries in the mySYWARE library of personal database applications. This freeware library will grow quickly with the addition of new applications currently under development, as well as selected applications submitted by users. SYWARE envisions a large and continuously growing library as more users discover the benefits of handheld database applications. Applications will be available at no charge by downloading from the SYWARE web site, http://www.syware.com/mysyware.htm. Intuitive Application Development Tool All applications are built using Visual CE, SYWARE’s intuitive database and forms building tool for Pocket PCs and Windows CE handhelds. Available for as little as $79, Visual CE provides a drag & drop interface that allows even non-programmers to easily create their own portable database solutions to meet virtually any personal or business need. Data can be easily shared with family members, friends, and colleagues, or automatically synchronized with a desktop PC. Visual CE has been used by thousands of business professionals, physicians, and professional developers to quickly develop customized applications without coding. A new wireless component based on SYWARE’s mEnable architecture, allows Visual CE applications to run in real-time over wireless connections to corporate databases. Acquiring the SYWARE SixPack The SYWARE SixPack can be downloaded from the SYWARE web site at http://www.syware.com/mysyware.htm. The software is also available for posting on shareware library web sites. The software installs automatically on Pocket PC handhelds.

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