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Pocket Mascot: new unique software






Pocket Mascot(r) stays on the top of the screen of your Pocket PC, and displays a pretty small mascot who talks to you. No matter what others programs you use actually, she draws your attention to important matters, like no other. This is a one and only program of its kind, because Pocket Mascot appears on the top of every other program but she never covers a screen completely. And... Pocket Mascot is a fully-skinable program. This means you can change the view and even actions of mascot as you like. Right now, Pocket Mascot can do for you: . appear on the top of any programs, . show you short explanations, . display text messages (in balloon), . use device system's data (like User's name), . ask you for some actions. Pocket Mascot can talk to you in your native language. It uses any pre-installed fonts. Moreover you can write your own sentences. Messages (displayed in balloons) can give you a welcome text according to daytime, actual time, reminders, alerts, suggestions... whatever you can imagine yourself. A full-features version comes with 3 default skins: . Lara (from the movie: Tomb Raider), . Gandalf (from the movie: Master of the Rings), . and Robot Maria (from the movie: Metropolis). A demo version comes with Lara only and no possibilities to add more skins. For more information, screens, skins, follow to The Home Site of Pocket Mascot: http://jguippc.tripod.com/mascot/index.htm Pocket Mascot is available to immediately downloading from pocketgear.com or handango.com The Home Site of Pocket Mascot is available in 8 (!) languages, incl. English, Germany, French, Italian, Polish, Japanese, Chinese and Korean! ============================================================================ ====== if you can use on news message a small image, please copy or link this one (only 180x106 pixels): http://www.infonet.com.pl/jguippc/mascot/Images/adv_small.jpg

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