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HP Camera for iPAQ


The popular PocketPC site www.pocketpcpassion.com has a lot of information on "Run the HP Jornada CF Camera (F1869A) on the iPAQ" at the following URL (There is NO space in the http-link): http://www.pocketpcpassion.com/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=12556 FREE trial (and purchase-version) iPictures & iVideo Software (Talking-Picture & VideoCam Software for iPAQ/Jornada with HP Camera(F1869A)) is now available at http://www.handango.com. I just did a search for iPictures under Pocket PC software at www.handango.com and LOCATED IT ! Best regards, iPAQhpCam P.S. (1) iPictures & iVideo software allows the user to turn his/her iPAQ or Jornada Pocket PC (with the HP Pocket Camera(F1869A)) into a powerful digital talking-picture and video camera, to capture many thousands of VGA (640x480) pictures and HOUR of video. More information is available at URL(There is NO space in the http-link. If the following html-code / http-link does not work (because it may be too long), you would need to copy the COMPLETE URL to your browser to view the webpage): http://www.handango.com/AdminProductDetailView.jsp?platformId=1&productId=30886&productType=2&siteId=1&zsortParams=true (2) More information on the iPictures & iVideo (which supports HP Camera on iPAQ) is available at URL:

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